Bare Nutrition provides simple, healthy and great tasting nutritional products for individuals conscience of what they put in their body and for those looking for a complete health and nutrition solution. Bare Nutrition is committed to providing products in convenient, shelf stable and environmentally friendly packaging that doesn’t limit busy and active lifestyles.


Here’s a little bit about the owners of Bare Nutrition, Mark and Camille:

Mark and Camille met in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. Mark majored in Computer Engineering and Camille in Business Administration, concentrating in Accounting and double minoring in Economics and Dance.  Mark and Camille relocated to Monterey County, Camille’s hometown, after spending some time in the South Bay Area working on their perspective careers. Mark was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.

Mark has spent over 6 years working as a business development consultant for a company who is a leader in the technology industry. Camille is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has spent her professional career at national and regional accounting firms, as the Controller in both the produce and general engineering  industries, and most recently as an independent financial and business consultant.

Mark and Camille found their way to the Natural Food and Nutrition industries by way of passion. Both have always embraced a healthy lifestyle not only by what they put into their body but also through activity.

Mark had an early start in sports, competitively swimming and mountain biking at an early age. He added water polo and racing road bikes to his list of outdoor activities. His love of swimming and biking led to endurance triathlons as well as long distance running.

Camille grew up in the world of dance.  Her commitment and love of many disciples of movement has led her to new challenges, including running in half and full marathons.  She has a strong passion for teaching and has been a Yoga and Pilates instructor for the last 5 years.

Mark and Camille are grateful to be in an industry which allows them to use their ideas, hard work ethic, and especially their passion for health and fitness to inspire others to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.