City Kid on Shred

I love getting stuff in the mail. Especially when it’s something I’m really stoked on, like this new drink Chia\Vie. A couple weeks ago I met the owners of Chia\Vie, Mark and Camille at the Women’s Expo in San Mateo. They were both super cool and smart, and we chatted for a while about the role of energy drinks in sports. Mark and Camille are both athletes and understand what it takes to lead a healthy, energized life. The good thing is that it looks like most athletes are beginning to understand the importance of what they put into their bodies. Products with 12-letter ingredients that boast a couple hour energy spike are looked at with more caution. People are instead turning to drinks that promote natural ingredients with natural sustaining energy that doesn’t wreck havoc on their organs. Chia\Vie is one of those good-for-you drinks and it’s coming out at the right time. It isn’t even distributed in Tahoe yet, so Mark was awesome and sent me a box to enjoy and share with my friends.

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